Rogue One Theory Makes One Star Wars Death Even More Tragic

  • The introduction of new characters and in the Andor series has given Cassian another droid sidekick, B2EMO, in addition to the well-known K-2SO.
  • The reprogramming process of K-2SO by Cassian is still unclear, raising questions about what went into making the droid the version seen in Rogue One.
  • Cassian may have used B2EMO's programming when reprogramming K-2SO, which would add emotional weight to K-2SO's death as it would mark the loss of the last surviving member of Cassian's family.
Cassian Andor and his droid K-2SO are both introduced to audiences in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but one new theory makes their deaths at the end of the movie even more tragic. Going into Andor, the Star Wars live-action Disney+ TV show, it was always destined that Cassian’s story would lead directly into the events of Rogue One, but Andor season 1 still introduced audiences to new worlds and characters. These new Andor characters, along with interesting story arcs, have helped make the show beloved and heavily favored by many Star Wars viewers - including one absolutely adorable addition.
Andor introduces the droid B2EMO, an older droid who doesn’t keep his charge long and stutters when he speaks. B2EMO, or Bee, had been with Cassian and his mother Maarva since before the two met on Cassian’s home planet of Kenari, causing his dedication to both Cassian and Maarva to be one of the most heartwarming parts of the show. Bee, however, isn't the only droid Cassian's been known to have, as K-2SO is easily Cassian's most recognizable partner-in-crime. Despite this, K-2SO hasn't yet appeared in Andor, though season 2 is expected to bring the beloved character back. It could also, however, set up a connecting thread between Cassian's droids that would make one Rogue One death even more tragic.


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