One Jedi: Survivor Boss Proves The Empire Didn’t Even Need Darth Vader

Both Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and the first game in the series Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order does a good job of sticking to the established lore of the Star Wars universe and both even feature cameos by the franchise's most famous villain, Darth Vader. Yet, in Jedi: Survivor there is one boss who single-handedly proves that the Empire was doing pretty well regardless of Vader's contributions. Although Darth Vader is of course a classic staple to the franchise and contributes heavily to the entertainment factor, so it would never be the same without him.
[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.]
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has several bosses for Cal Kestis to face throughout the game, and players even get to come face to face with Darth Vader himself. Another boss, however, provides a thought-provoking view of the Empire during that time period when one stops and thinks about it. His tactic seems unplanned and is purely operating on an indoctrinated hatred of the Jedi from the Empire's teachings. This boss fight might truly be the best in the game for the philosophical meaning behind it.
Rick The Door Technician Is The Best Boss In Jedi: Survivor Rick the Door Technician is a boss in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor who can be found on Koboh. He's encountered in Imperial Post 8L-055, where an epic, albeit short, boss fight takes place. Rick the Door Technician will charge at Cal, yelling, "The Jedi! Get ready to die! Aaaaaah!" as soon as he sees him, and the game provides the standard Boss nameplate at the top of the screen and a large health bar. Unfortunately for Rick, notwithstanding all his bravery and bravado, he in fact is simply a regular Storm Trooper. Perhaps with the title of Door Technician, he may not even have much exposure to combat.
Players quickly realize that despite being labeled as a boss, Rick the Door Technician can be taken down easily with one simple, satisfying swipe of a lightsaber as he charges at Cal. In true Boss Fight fashion, Jedi: Survivor has a popup on the screen letting players know they defeated the boss and Cal can then move forward with his quest. Rick the Door Technician was certainly no Darth Vader, especially due to poor Rick's lack of forethought for this battle. His determination to kill Cal, however, is as inspiring as it is hilarious, even with the quick defeat.
Jedi: Survivor Shows The Empire Has Effectively Indoctrinated Their Army The biggest takeaway from Rick the Door Technician's bold choice to recklessly attack Cal as he did, is what that means for the thought behind the action. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Rick has been so inspired by the Emperor's propaganda that he is willing to give his life for the cause of defeating the evil Jedi. Rick has effectively been conditioned to believe that the Empire of which he is a part is right and true and the Jedi forces must be destroyed at all costs. He isn't doing this for Darth Vader, he is doing it for the Empire.
Order 66 was programmed into the clone troopers through inhibitor chips implanted in their brains, which led the clones to turn on their Jedi Generals when the order was executed. If Rick the Door Technician was a clone trooper originally, he likely had this chip in his brain as well and that could have been a large part of what spurred his recklessness. Other stormtroopers still acted with some rationale in protecting themselves and looking for backup when faced with Jedi invaders, however, making Rick an interesting case where the indoctrination of Emperor Palpatine still likely pushed his beliefs to a new level.


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