12 Titans Characters Missing From The Series Finale (& Where They Were)

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Titans' series finale.A number of characters were missing from the Titans series finale. This is not entirely unexpected, given how swiftly the show was canceled shortly after the Titans season 4 premiere and the showrunners might not have had time to rewrite the scripts or bring back most of the actors who had left the series. However, the final episodes of Titans are surprisingly erratic in how they revealed the final fates of some characters but not others.
The final episode of Titans resolves the conflict with game designer turned cult leader Brother Blood and the prophecy that he would bring about the rise of Trigon on Earth. The final moments of the episode showed the individual team members as they moved on to new challenges, ranging from starting college to training with Superman. While this brought about satisfying conclusions for most of the series' established cast, there were many characters who were absent from the Titans finale and whose final fates were left unresolved.


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