Does Dick Grayson Become Batman? Titans" Nightwing Ending Makes Him Everything Bruce Wayne Wasn"t

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for the Titans' series finale.Despite Titans continually teasing Dick Grayson becoming Batman, the series' ending proves that he is a better hero and a better person as Nightwing. The story of Dick Grayson in Titans is that of a young man trying to find himself and his place in the world, even as he struggles to pull himself from the shadow of the Bat. This proved more challenging for Nightwing than in the comics, as the story of Titans focused on the sins of Dick Grayson's past and those of his mentor.
Titans season 4 was a notable change of pace in this respect, as Dick Grayson had a far less active role where the main plot and the battle with Brother Blood was concerned. While he was still the team leader, most of Dick's screen time was focused on his supporting his teammates and his developing romance with Kory Anders. There was also far less emphasis upon Bruce Wayne's efforts to push Dick Grayson into replacing him as the guardian of Gotham City, which dominated the first three seasons of Titans.


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