Everything We Know About Mutants In The MCU Now

Mutants have finally begun to make themselves known in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Marvel Studios kicked off their new shared universe with 2008's Iron Man, Disney was unable to integrate mutant characters from Marvel Comics into the franchise, as the film rights to mutants and the X-Men had belonged to 20th Century Fox since 2000. However, after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019, the rights to these rich characters and their stories reverted to Marvel Studios, opening the door for the MCU to explore an entirely new narrative over a decade after the Avengers first burst into theaters.
Marvel Comics' first introduced mutants in 1963's X-Men #1 as the next step of human evolution. The X-Gene, which expresses itself during puberty, allows mutants to develop extraordinary abilities usually reserved for the likes of Earth's superheroes. Separate from mutates, who develop abilities after exposure to outside stimuli, or Inhumans, who must go through terrigenesis to access their powers, mutant abilities manifest completely naturally, often leading to mutants being the subject of intense discrimination and criminalization, as anybody could develop dangerous abilities. Although the process has been painstakingly slow, mutants have finally started to make their way into the MCU.


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