10 Secret Invasion Story Details & MCU Connections Revealed This Week

Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion is the next MCU show coming to Disney+, and promotion for the spy thriller series has begun to ramp up. Featuring Samuel L. Jackson as the lead reprising his role as Nick Fury, the former SHIELD director finally returns to Earth after a long absence, having had his shape-shifting Skrull ally Talos posing as him for an unknown amount of time in the MCU. However, the threat of Skrulls will be what brings Fury back home.
Between a new interview with the cast from Empire Magazine and a new featurette from Marvel Studios, a collection of new details and plot points for Secret Invasion have been revealed. Now, MCU fans finally know where the real Nick Fury has been, what this rogue faction of Skrulls want, and more exciting reveals. Here's everything we've learned about Secret Invasion this week.


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