Cal Kestis Repeats A Boring Star Wars Trend (That KOTOR Remake Won"t Fix)

Outside of a rocky launch, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor delivered on fans' expectations, but there's one area where the game's protagonist Cal Kestis still fails to innovate - and the anticipated Knights of the Old Republic remake will fall into the same trap. First established as the protagonist in the prior game Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal Kestis is a Jedi living in the age of the Galactic Empire who has to face all the danger and weight that the situation carries. In many respects, Cal makes for an engaging protagonist, and fans largely have taken to him as a strong Star Wars video game character. However, Cal Kestis also continues a boring trend that has persisted throughout Star Wars media for decades.
Although Cal Kestis has made the biggest splash among the small selection of video game protagonists since Disney's takeover of Star Wars, the prior era of LucasArts-published games had some major figures of its own. Chief among these was Revan, the central figure of BioWare's acclaimed 2003 RPG Knights of the Old Republic. Characters from the LucasArts era are now considered Legends, although the upcoming Knights of the Old Republic remake should return Revan to the ranks of official canon. It also has the opportunity to shake things up a bit with Star Wars protagonists, although it's unlikely to actually take the chance.
Cal Kestis Is Another Human Star Wars Protagonist Cal Kestis adds another entry to the long list of human Star Wars protagonists, a roster that is starting to feel a little played out. There's nothing wrong with human characters in Star Wars, but in a galaxy full of creative species, returning to the same one over and over constricts the possibilities of the franchise. The video game space would make it particularly easy to render a non-human protagonist, as CGI and motion capture are used even for a character like Cal. Human characters may be easy to design and market, but at this point, any other option would no doubt stand out to fans and newcomers alike.


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