Hailee Steinfeld Gives Honest Answer About Her Young Avengers MCU Future 18 Months After Hawkeye

Hawkeye star Hailee Steinfeld talks about her Young Avengers future after debuting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kate Bishop. One of the new major heroes that joined the MCU in Phase 4 was Steinfeld's Kate, who is taking on the Hawkeye legacy alongside Clint Barton. While co-starring in their own Disney+ show, neither Clint, but particularly Kate, have been seen again in the MCU, especially as more members of the Young Avengers have been making their way into the franchise.
It's unclear if Marvel Studios will pay off setup for the Young Avengers in the MCU, and Kate Bishop actor Hailee Steinfeld has the same question. During a recent interview with the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, the MCU and Spider-Verse actress was asked what the plans are for the Young Avengers. To this point, Steinfeld has no idea what is going on, as she is wondering what is next for her in the MCU, sharing the following:
I mean, the question from you and I both. Yeah, I’m certainly chomping at the bit. It’s been a minute since I’ve… It’s always so funny, because I feel like a few months can go by and I feel like I’ve been doing nothing, you know what I mean? I’m like, ‘It’s been so long since…’
It’s been a while since 'Dickinson' ended and since 'Hawkeye' came out, but I am so ready to get back at it. I am itching to be on set again with people that do what I do, and love what we do, and I have such a sense of belonging when I’m on set, and a sense of home, and I just love it. And it has been a while. So, I am very much chomping up a bit.


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