7 Nick Fury Replacements For MCU Phase 5 & 6 Ranked Worst To Best

Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury already has some possible replacements for when he leaves the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fury debuted in the MCU back in the universe's first entry, 2008's Iron Man, through a post-credits scene to recruit Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark for the Avengers Initiative. Since then, Fury has appeared across a wide array of projects, with the character finally getting his chance to lead an MCU entry through the espionage thriller that is the upcoming Disney+ Secret Invasion show. Fury's immediate fate beyond the series is known, as the character is featured in The Marvels' trailer; however, that does not mean that Fury will stay for long.
With the end of the MCU's first chapter, the Infinity Saga, many important characters have been departing the universe one way or another. While Fury still remains in the MCU, it is possible that the character will join other early heroes of the universe in departing the franchise and seeing another character rise to be the former SHIELD Director's successor. At 74, Jackson is not getting any younger, and many Phase 1 MCU actors have recently sought to continue their careers elsewhere. With the MCU soon introducing characters like the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, it seems likely that a new mysterious figure to unite all the heroes will emerge to operate for at least the next decade, and some options are already known.
7 James Rhodes James Rhodes will be back in the MCU soon, but he will not be appearing as War Machine, rather serving as the President of the United States right-hand man in Secret Invasion. This new side of Rhodey could lead to him being Fury's successor. As such a prominent political figure, Rhodey would be able to assemble the new Avengers team and assist the heroes through a wide array of resources, including equipment, vehicles, and more. Rhodey's low placement is due to the character being way less of a shadowy figure than Fury is known to be, which makes him succeeding the former SHIELD Director a major change.


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