Star Trek Made Troi Terrifying by Flipping Her "Counselor" Title

For seven seasons, Star Trek's Counselor Troi used her empathic abilities to safeguard the mental well-being of the crew of the Enterprise, but as seen in Star Trek: The Mirror War: Troi, her Mirror Universe counterpart is ruthless and manipulative - and when she joined Picard’s crew, she was given a horrific new title, one that inverts her purpose as Counselor.
Portrayed by Marina Sirtis, Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi served as the official ship’s counselor for the Enterprise. Troi hailed from the planet Betazed, where the inhabitants are telepaths; however, due to having a human father, she is only empathic - that is, she can only sense emotions. Kind and compassionate, Troi served the Enterprise with distinction. However, in Star Trek’s evil mirror universe, Troi is much different, using her amazing powers for evil and personal gain.


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