Disney+ Just Snuck a Netflix Daredevil Easter Egg In New MCU Show

The latest episode of Secret Invasion included a fun, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Easter egg for fans of Netflix’s Daredevil.
There’s a lot to digest from episode 2 of Marvel Studios’ Skrull-focused series.
Of course, for one, there was the big reveal that Nick Fury is married to a member of the shape-shifting species. Then there were the first steps to introducing the MCU’s take on a Super Skrull.
With so many big reveals, it’s easy for fans to miss some of those smaller details.
Secret Invasion Shares a Daredevil ConnectionSecret Invasion Episode 2 included a brief nod to Netflix’s Daredevil.
The scene in question is when Christopher McDonald’s Chris Stearns is on a news clip talking about the Russian Unity Bombing. The network he’s airing on is FXN.
Marvel StudiosIn the 12th episode of Daredevil’s third season, Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page gave an impromptu press conference to various reporters about killings being perpetrated by someone parading around as Daredevil.
Marvel TVShe informs them that the Daredevil Killer (who is really Bullseye) is not the real Daredevil. Instead, he’s working to undermine the hero’s good name and get Wilson Fisk back into power.
One of the many reporters there works for FXN—the same network seen on Secret Invasion. Netflix"s Daredevil was the first Marvel series to feature FXN.
Marvel TVMarvel Studios Loves Feeding Daredevil FansPreviously, Daredevil’s third season was referenced in Hawkeye when Kate Bishop finds the name Michael Kemp in her mother’s security company database. Kemp is someone in prison who had information Matt Murdock needed against Wilson Fisk.
While the canon status of the old Daredevil show remains unclear and frustratingly vague, Marvel Studios clearly isn’t completely ignoring it. After all, it was the most beloved of all the shows prior to Disney+.
Even if Marvel wanted to ignore some of the former show’s canon, it’s still in its best interest to please fans by offering small references here and there.
As for FXN, seeing as it’s a satire on Fox News, they’ll almost certainly be showing up again in Secret Invasion as the Skrull conflict leaks more and more into the public eye.
When it comes to Daredevil’s big return, sadly, Born Again recently stopped production until the end of the writer’s strike. So, while the show is scheduled to debut next spring, that launch will almost certainly be delayed.
Secret Invasion"s first two episodes is now streaming on Disney+. 


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