Cal Kestis Falls To The Dark Side In Horrifying Star Wars Fanart

Cal Kestis turns to the dark side in disturbing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fan art. Kestis, an Order 66 survivor, has been fighting the Empire since his introduction in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Having faced plenty of stormtroopers, Inquisitors, and even Darth Vader himself, Cal has overcome many obstacles during the Empire’s reign, including the hurt of betrayal and the temptation of the dark side. But now, as the end of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor proves, Cal may be on the verge of losing himself entirely.
Haunting, yet beautiful fanart by Jedi: Survivor Photos uses the PlayStation 5’s photo mode to capture stunning digital images and make creative edits. One such project includes showcasing what the artist imagines Cal Kestis might look like should he embrace his anger and turn to the dark side.
The first image of Jedi: Survivor Photos’ impactful edit shows what Cal Kestis would look like with the terrifying yellow eyes of the Sith, made all the more prominent by the vibrant red-colored hue of his lightsaber. The second image is perhaps even more haunting: one tear falls from each of Cal’s glowing, red-rimmed eyes, symbolizing his pain and struggle perfectly. The third and final image shows Cal with a tragic look of resignation.
Could Cal Kestis Turn To The Dark Side In A Future Star Wars Jedi Game? Sadly, the end of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor did set up Cal’s eventual turn to the dark side. While on the hunt for Bode Akuna after his betrayal on Jedha, Cal loses control and taps into the dark side. Fueled by his pain, anger, and grief over Eno Cordova and Cere Junda’s deaths, Cal uses the power of the dark side on Imperial officers and stormtroopers before Merrin can get through to him and bring him back to himself.


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