How Star Wars" Sith Rule Of Two REALLY Works (According To Lucas)

George Lucas' has previously explained how exactly the Sith Rule of Two has worked across generations in the Star Wars galaxy. Despite the two Force-wielding groups always being at odds with one another, the Jedi and the Sith have very different methods of training their respective warriors. As evidenced by eras like the High Republic and the prequel trilogy, the Jedi train thousands of people from across the galaxy in the ways of the Force.
The Sith, however, have a very different method. The Sith prefer to scheme, plan, and plot from the shadows, always consisting of only two Force-wielders - one apprentice and their master. This has been known as the Sith Rule of Two for a millennium, though Star Wars' core films in the Skywalker saga have offered little in the way of details about the concept. That being said, George Lucas sat down with Paul Duncan in the latter's book, The Star Wars Archives: Episode I-III 1999-2005, and explained how the Sith Rule of Two - which Palpatine potentially broke - works in the eyes of Star Wars' creator.


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