7 MCU Romances That Ended In Tragedy

Most romantic relationships seem fated to end in tragedy, or at least in heartbreak, in the MCU. Almost every Marvel superhero has had a romantic interest in the comics, and their live-action counterparts have followed suit. Even characters whose romantic life wasn't a central part of their story, like Loki, and characters who already had an existing relationship, like Hulk, have gotten new romantic interests in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, romance rarely works out within the franchise.
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts had a rather long and healthy relationship before Iron Man's heroic death, Steve Rogers managed to reunite with Peggy Carter after her death of old age, and Hawkeye got another chance to retire with his wife and kids after they were snapped and later brought back to life. But beyond those specific cases, MCU superheroes tend to be unable to save their romantic relationships from breaking apart, or in some cases, to end up worse than they started. While these couples could eventually overcome destiny and make things work out against all odds, their ill-fated relationships still seem to be utterly tragic tales.


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