Superman & Lois Season 4 Renewal/Cancellation Update Given By The CW President

The CW's new president shares updates regarding the Superman & Lois season 4 renewal/cancellation chances. With The Flash coming to an end this season, The CW has only two remaining DC TV shows on the network. While not set on Earth-Prime, Superman & Lois is technically the last Arrowverse show as part of the franchise's larger multiverse concept. Gotham Knights, while not connected to the Arrowverse at all, is also in limbo. With the new regime at The CW, the fate of both DC TV properties has been up in the air.
As the Upfronts are taking place this week, The CW’s President of Entertainment, Brad Schwartz, was asked during a press conference (via TVLine) about the fate of Superman & Lois, as well as the other bubble shows. While they will be making decisions later, Schwartz also elaborated (via Alex Zalben) about the possible challenges that may lie ahead of Superman & Lois season 4's renewal chances.
We love all [three] shows. We’ll be making decisions on those sooner [rather] than later.
Will Superman & Lois Be Renewed By The CW? As of right now, Superman & Lois season 3 has five episodes left to air, with the season finale currently scheduled to air on Tuesday, June 27. Between now and then, The CW will likely have made a decision on whether or not they will go forward with Superman & Lois season 4. But given Schwartz's comments, it does raise some concern about whether or not the Arrowverse series has a chance of getting renewed by The CW.


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