7 Details The Flash Season 9 Just Confirmed About The Arrowverse’s Future

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for The Flash season 9, episode 12, "A New World, Part Three."Many details about the future of the Arrowverse were revealed in The Flash season 9, episode 12. Previous episodes of The Flash had revealed a fair bit about the future world of 2049, where Barry Allen's children had started to follow in his footsteps as the next generation of speedster superheroes protecting Earth-Prime. Despite this, a few more secrets were revealed over the course of "A New World, Part Three."
The final storyline of The Flash season 9 found Barry Allen adrift in time thanks to the Negative Speed Force. After being forced to confront the Reverse-Flash Eboard Thawne on the day of his mother's death, Barry was dragged away as his wife, Iris, went into labor. This left the present-day Team Flash rushing to get Iris to the hospital, even as they struggled to figure out where Barry was and if they could help him. The events of The Flash season 9, episode 12, "A New World, Part Three," revealed that Barry had been transported to the year 2049, leading to new information about the Arrowverse's future.


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