Star Trek Still Has 1 More Important Borg Story To Tell

As one of the most formidable villains in Star Trek, the Borg have caused problems for many Starfleet captains, but one question that has yet to be answered is how the Borg came to be. The Borg were first introduced in the Star Trek: The Next Generation season 2 episode, "Q Who," when Q (John de Lancie) tossed the Enterprise into an unexplored portion of space. From this episode on, the Borg would go on to appear across multiple Star Trek shows and movies, and play a role in some of the most iconic moments of Trek.
While some elements of the Borg's origin story can be pieced together from various Star Trek shows, their true history remains unknown. TNG explored the collective nature of the Borg and their relationship to their Queen, and Voyager delved deeper into those stories with the reclaimed Borg drone Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), but neither show looked much into the Borg's beginnings. When the Borg made an appearance, everyone's main concern was to avoid being assimilated. Now that the Borg have apparently been destroyed in Star Trek: Picard season 3, there should be more opportunities to look into their mysterious past.
Star Trek Can Still Tell The Borg’s Origin Story With its current slot of shows on Paramount+, Star Trek has plenty of opportunities to dive into the origin story of the Borg. The heavily rumored, but yet-to-be-confirmed follow-up to Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Legacy, would be one option for a Borg origin story. The Borg played a major role in Picard season 3, and with Captain Seven of Nine at the helm of the USS Enterprise-G, Legacy would be a prime option for investigating the history of the Borg. Seven would be the perfect character to track down the Borg's origin story, as it would allow her to further confront her own Borg nature.


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