Marvel Studios Unveils First-Ever MCU Apple VR Experience

A new MCU VR/AR experience based on Disney+"s What If...? was unveiled as a part of the reveal of Apple"s long-rumored augmented reality (AR) headset. 
After years of speculation, Apple finally revealed its foray into the VR/AR market in what the tech giant dubbed the Apple Vision Pro. 
Marvel StudiosThe headset will allow fans to live out their Iron Man fantasies, utilizing an AR interface for productivity, communication, and even entertainment just like Tony Stark does in the MCU. 
Though it does not come packed with an AI assistant voiced by Vision actor Paul Bettany like in the movies, the headset does look to offer plenty of experiences for users to interact with including a few from the wonderful world of Disney. 
A Marvel & Apple Partnership AppleApple and Marvel Studios revealed a new interactive VR/AR experience coming to the company"s new Apple Vision Pro headset. 
AppleDuring a brief trailer for how Disney"s various content offerings play into Apple"s new AR hardware, footage for a What If...? experience coming to the platform was shown off. 
AppleNot much was given in terms of specific details other than offering fans the chance to ask "What if you could become a superhero and seek the answer to the ultimate question, What If...?"
AppleFootage included reality breaking in front of the user with Jeffrey Wright"s The Watcher standing amongst the Multiversal wreckage. 
The full footage can be seen below:
Just the Beginning of Marvel & VR?Marvel has been no stranger to the world of VR and AR since personal headsets (like Sony"s PlayStation VR and Meta"s Oculus line) began to hit the market. 
The super-powered brand has put out full-blown VR games based on their characters with titles like Iron Man VR earning rave reviews amongst fans.
And for those looking for something directly tied to the MCU, the company released Avengers: Damage Control for VR headsets, allowing users to take on Ultron in virtual reality.
Now, with another major player like Apple joining the space, surely more of these sorts of experiences are on the way. 
From the Apple Worldwide Developer"s Conference announcement, it seems as though Marvel (and Disney as a whole) is making a significant investment in Apple"s mixed reality tech. 
So while all fans may know about at the moment is this What If..? themed experience, along with some native Disney+ support and a few supplemental Disney experiences, surely there are more on the way. 
It actually would not be all that surprising if other already released VR titles (a la Iron Man and Damage Control) came to Apple"s newly announced device as it slowly builds out its library of games, apps, and experiences. 
The Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset is set to release sometime next year for $399 USD. 


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