Marvel Just Changed Captain America 4's Controversial Title

There"s been quite a bit of controversy about the title for Captain America: New World Order, but Anthony Mackie has confirmed its new title.
Some fans objected to using the infamous conspiracy theory in the title when it was announced at last year"s San Diego Comic-Con. At its core, the conspiracy theory is about a secret emerging totalitarian world government. However, as of today, much of that is directed at Jews, often using dog whistles like "globalists."
Understandably, many fans objected to the title as insensitive and tainted with antisemitism. It wasn"t helped that the villain, Samuel Sterns, was reprised by Jewish actor Tim Blake Nelson. So, it"s no wonder a rumor eventually sprung up about Marvel Studios changing the title.
A Brave New Captain America TitleIn an Instagram post from Anthony Mackie praising Harrison Ford and giving fans a closer look at his new Captain America costume, the Sam Wilson actor revealed the new title for Captain America: New World Order, which is Captain America: Brave New World.
When Harrison Ford tells you how kicking ass should look, you listen! LoL… Thanks for the on set wisdom and laughs my friend!
Can’t wait to do it again… Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Brave New World in theaters May 3, 2024
MarvelThe title is also displayed on the cast and crew chairs within the post, which appear to reveal Captain America 4"s new logo.
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