The Flash Trailer Reveals Another Zack Snyder DC Character Returns

Another one of Zack Snyder's DC characters is revealed in The Flash trailer for the upcoming DCEU film. With James Gunn and Peter Safran crafting the new DC Universe, The Flash movie will be instrumental in setting up the impending version of the interconnected live-action franchise. Loosely based on Flashpoint, The Flash will follow Barry Allen as he taps into the multiverse, and is set to reset the DC Universe and the characters within it.
While this inevitably means there will be exciting multiverse figures that will come into play, one of Snyder's long-time DC characters is also making a comeback in The Flash film. With tickets now on sale, DC put out a new The Flash trailer, which reveals the return of Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth.
The last time Irons portrayed Alfred was in the Justice League Snyder Cut from 2021 on Max (formerly known as HBO Max.) Though the film is not canon to the DCEU, Irons' last appearance as part of this franchise was through the Justice League's theatrical cut, which makes his return all the more interesting.


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