Why The Flash Season 10 Isn"t Happening

The Flash season 10 is not happening for an understandable reason. The Flash season 9 is the end of the road for the series. Grant Gustin started his journey as the speedster during a two-episode arc back in Arrow season 2, where he appeared as Barry Allen before he got his powers. The actor would then go on to star in his own series, The Flash, which concludes after nine seasons. The Flash season 9 ends the Arrowverse as a whole, not just the show, as The CW canceled the last few series that made up the shared DCTV universe before The Flash season 9 premiered.
2023 is a big year for The Flash. Ezra Miller was announced to play Barry Allen in a solo movie just after The Flash had premiered. Almost ten years later, The Flash series will have completed its run in the time it has taken for a single movie of the speedster to be made. Gustin's successful time as The Flash will end just before a new era for the character starts with James Gunn's upcoming DC Universe, but that might not always have been the case.
Flash Season 10 Isn't Happening After Grant Gustin Decided To End His Run The reason for The Flash season 9 ending the series is due to a behind-the-scenes choice, as the show still maintained healthy viewership numbers throughout season 8. At the time of the series' renewal for season 9, it was revealed that lead star, Gustin, had signed a one-year deal to return as Barry Allen. It was also reported that Gustin had a multi-year offer on the table and that the actor chose to only sign for one more year. During The Flash season 8, multiple actors from the show seemed to think the series was going to end, which was upended by the season 9 renewal.
In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly to talk about the end of the series, Gustin revealed that he approached the executives responsible for The Flash and let them know that season 9 would be his last. Gustin initially wanted to be done with season 8 but was convinced to return for more, with the actor then announcing to executives that The Flash season 9 would be his last, two weeks after wrapping on season 8. Then, it was time for the executives to decide on not continuing the series without Barry Allen and ending The Flash with season 9, which was for the best. Gustin then told the cast.
What Would The Flash Season 10 Have Been About? The Flash season 10 would have included the Arrowverse Justice League. The reveal that the series' ending came after Gustin decided he was done with the show adds context to The Flash showrunner, Eric Wallace, previously opening up about his The Flash season 10 plans. Wallace seemed to have some pretty expansive plans for The Flash season 10, which had to be changed or dropped altogether when he was communicated that season 9 would be the end of the DC series. While The Flash season 9 has included some Arrowverse guest stars, the once-planned season 10 would have gone a step beyond, finally assembling the Arrowverse Justice League.
Wallace revealed that he wanted to have several crossover events within The Flash season 10. The intended final season for the speedster would begin with "The Forever War," an original storyline cooked up by the writer. That story would have been a full-on crossover with as many Arrowverse characters as possible. Wallace also revealed that The Flash season 10 would have finally done something significant with the Diggle/John Stewart Green Lantern teases. The originally planned final season of The Flash would have included an adaptation of "The Blackest Night," one of the best Green Lantern — and DC — stories of all time.
The Arrowverse Justice League would arrive to help Barry in another big crossover event during The Flash season 10. Wallace revealed that he wanted to bring back the villain Despero to lead a full-on alien invasion on Earth, which was teased during his last appearance in the series. The Flash season 10 would then have brought the Arrowverse Justice League together onscreen, along with their base of operations, the iconic Hall of Justice, making a comeback. With the Arrowverse ending alongside The Flash season 9, it seems like it's Justice League will only remain as a Crisis on Infinite Earths tease.


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