Chris Hemsworth's Deleted Loki Scene Released Online (Video)

Footage of Chris Hemsworth"s deleted Loki cameo on Disney+ has finally been released. 
Episode 5 of Loki"s first season introduced audiences to The Void, a location at the end of time packed with Loki Variants, Marvel Easter eggs, and Throg - an amphibious Variant of Chris Hemsworth"s Thor. 
Back in 2021, Loki composer Natalie Holt described Throg"s larger role in an exclusive interview with The Direct, including an axed scene that MCU fans are finally getting to see for themselves.
Chris Hemsworth"s Loki Role Revealed MarvelOne of Loki"s deleted scenes included in Season 1"s physical release involves a moment from Loki"s past where Throg crashes the God of Mischief"s coronation. 
A rough cut of this deleted scene is now online and shows Throg exclaiming, "You turned me into a frog!" before wielding a mini-Mjolnir at Loki in front of an Asgardian crowd.

The action ends with a freeze-frame of Throg grinning as Loki is electrocuted by lightning, all before zooming out to show this moment was being replayed in the TVA.
While Throg"s role was ultimately limited to a cameo in Episode 5, Loki Season 1 director Kate Herron confirmed that Chris Hemsworth voiced the Thor Variant, saying, "he recorded that:"
"Throg, obviously, getting him in [was great]. And we recorded Chris Hemsworth for that, by the way. We recorded him for that, that’s a new recording. That’s a whole new recording, not recycled, he recorded that!"
The deleted scene can be seen below:
More Throg in Loki Season 2?From what Kate Herron has said in past interviews, this scene would"ve occurred during Season 1 when Mobius showed Loki moments from his life. 
According to the director, she ultimately scrapped the exchange as "it just wasn"t quite right" in comparison with the goal of the episode. However, she noted Chris Hemsworth was "definitely up for it" and was even "laughing" during the recording session. 
While Kate Herron"s decision was the right call for the episode"s story and the purpose of Loki revisiting his past, the online fan reaction would"ve been something to behold, especially since it would"ve occurred in Episode 1.
With Loki Season 2 set to debut in October, the question now is whether Throg will return. 
There"s also the question of when Loki will finally get to reunite with Thor as, apart from What If...?, fans have yet to see a post-Endgame reunion between the two brothers. 
Loki Season 2 is set to premiere on Disney+ on October 5. 


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