Kryptonian Wonder Woman Rumor Confirmed By Zack Snyder After 9 Years, New Zeus Origin Revealed

Wonder Woman had her origin retconned as Kryptonian in director Zack Snyder's original plans. Snyder's work at DC was somewhat controversial, with the director's creative choices on handling DC's wide array of characters not always landing well. Those decisions led to the director's movies at DC underperforming at the box office and garnering uneven critical reviews. Despite all that, Snyder still managed to amass a loyal following, and during an event for those who loved the filmmaker's DC ideas, Snyder confirmed a shocking Wonder Woman detail.
During the Snyderverse Full Circle event (via @Siccness4 on Twitter), Snyder revealed that he originally planned for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman to have Kryptonian heritage in the DCEU, confirming some old Kryptonian Wonder Woman rumors.
Snyder explained how he had the idea to have Zeus be revealed as a Kryptonian, which would make Wonder Woman, as his daughter, a descendent from Superman's homeworld. Snyder's idea for the big departure from the Greek mythology origin of the character was based on playing around with a scientific explanation for why the gods existed. Check out the full quote below:
“[Zeus] would possibly be Kryptonian… and then — Wonder Woman’s powers — anyway, you can sorta see where this is going.”
"The whole thing of whether magic and the gods... there's a version where, okay, that's cool, I guess. But there's also the more scientific... where do gods come from? We had played around with that quite a bit."
Why It Is Good That Zeus & The Greek Gods Were Never Kryptonian In The DCEU Despite Zeus, Ares, and the Greek gods as a whole only having a small influence in the DCEU, the idea to make them Kryptonian, and thus drastically changing Wonder Woman's origin, would have likely caused an uproar. The change would kill something unique that ties back to Wonder Woman's origin in DC Comics, instead making the gods part of an extinct alien planet that had already been touched upon in Snyder's own Man of Steel, rather than the special beings that they are.


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