20 Arrowverse Cameos & Guest Stars In The Flash Season 9 Finale

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for The Flash series finale.There were an incredible number of Arrowverse cameos and guests stars in The Flash season 9 finale. Most of them were characters who had previously appeared on the show, old friends and enemies alike. Yet as much as the final episode was a look back at what had come before, it also offered a glimpse of the future, with several DC Comics characters making their live-action debut.
The four-part finale of The Flash, "A New World," centered around the latest effort of the Negative Speed Force to destroy its positive counterpart and Barry Allen, in the hopes of creating a new universe where it ruled unopposed. To that end, Detective Eddie Thawne was resurrected and empowered by the Negative Speed Force to lead a brute squad made up of The Flash's greatest enemies from across time and space. Luckily, Barry Allen was not alone in this battle, and was joined by several familiar faces from the last nine seasons of The Flash.


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