Hugh Jackman's New Wolverine Facial Hair Revealed for MCU Debut (Photo)

The facial hair for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Deadpool 3 just got revealed.
Despite the active writers strike, Ryan Reynolds’ long-awaited third installment just started filming. Stefan Capicic, the man who brought Colossus to life, even confirmed the news on his Instagram.
With cameras now rolling, fans are that much closer to seeing Wolverine back onscreen. While there aren"t any official looks at Jackman back in the role, the actor has posted more than a few images of himself getting physically ready to put the costume back on.
Hugh Jackman"s Facial Hair Revealed for Deadpool 3Hugh Jackman shared a new image of himself on his Instagram story as Deadpool 3 gets production underway.
The new beard keeps some of the grey coloring but it isn"t as long as it was in Logan.
Hugh JackmanThe difference between the two can clearly be seen in the below comparison image.
Hugh Jackman, MarvelIn fact, the current styling more closely resembles the look of some of the actor"s earlier appearances as Wolverine.
Hugh Jackman, MarvelWhat Kind of Wolverine Are Fans Getting?The iconic mutant will definitely maintain some of the older, more grizzled look that he sported in James Mangold"s highly beloved Logan film—but it won’t be an exact match.
Previously, it was confirmed that the upcoming team-up between Deadpool and Wolverine would not touch the events of Logan. But some overlap between the two stories wouldn’t be out of the question.
This updated beard is actually distinctly different than what the star showcased earlier in May, which looked nearly the exact same as Wolverine"s Logan appearance.
However, given the extremely high likelihood of time travel and Multiverse shenanigans, Deadpool 3’s version of Wolverine could be completely unique across the board.
No matter what might be up with Hugh Jackman’s iconic character, many fans are simply happy to be getting him back for another adventure.
Deadpool 3 is set to hit theaters on November 8, 2024.


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