10 Most Disappointing Superhero Movie Sequels

All too often, sequels based on superhero films from Marvel and DC don't match up to the success of their predecessors. For decades, various production studios have developed feature films based on characters from both Marvel Comics and DC Comics, but while some films have had a massive cultural impact, others have been rather disappointing. This onus usually falls on sequels to some of the more popular superhero films, as sequels have the harder job of delivering a solid story while trying to live up to the success of the original film.
As the largest superhero film franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe perhaps has the most offenders when it comes to disappointing sequels. Even so, Fox's X-Men franchise, Sony's Spider-Man Universe (and previous Spider-Man adaptations), and DC's long cinematic history have produced some lackluster projects that are usually better left unmentioned. While it's often more appealing to discuss the high points in these various franchises, here are a few examples of some of the most disappointing superhero sequels.


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