WandaVision Season 2 Replacement Shows Make MCU’s Disney+ Test An Even Bigger Risk

  • The MCU's Disney+ shows are a big gamble for Marvel Studios, as they require audiences to adapt to a new format besides the big screen.
  • WandaVision's spiritual sequels, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries and Vision Quest, add another risky variable to the Disney+ format, as viewers will need to watch both spinoff shows and WandaVision to fully keep up with the MCU.
  • The lack of a second season for WandaVision ends up benefiting other characters, as it allows for the development of important Scarlet Witch-adjacent characters like White Vision and Agatha Harkness in their own spinoffs.
The two MCU shows that will serve as WandaVision 's spiritual sequels will really put the Disney+ miniseries format to the test. Phase 4 of the MCU inaugurated the Multiverse Saga with a bold change. WandaVision, premiered on Disney+ in January 2021, marked Marvel Studios' first foray into streaming. WandaVision's weekly half-hour episodes took the franchise in a fresh direction and proved the potential of long-form storytelling for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Initially, all of the MCU's Disney+ shows were suggested to be mere expansions of the MCU's overarching story, and audiences weren't required to watch them in order to understand every movie. However, the shows became increasingly central to the franchise due to their large output and ambitious plots. This put a lot of pressure on the Disney+ format, as MCU shows now need to capture audiences as consistently as MCU movies in order to keep the franchise on track. Although Marvel is slowing down on the streaming side, WandaVision's spinoffs add another risky variable to the mix.
WandaVision's Two Spinoffs Make MCU's Show Risk Even Bigger WandaVision's ominous yet conclusive ending removed the possibility of a direct sequel, as Scarlet Witch's Westview fantasy fell apart for good. While WandaVision's final post-credits scene teased future stories for Wanda Maximoff, her evil turn was reserved for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Hence, the only follow-up to WandaVision could be a spiritual sequel in the form of Agatha: Darkhold Diaries — which promises to bring back WandaVision's self-aware TV format — as well as Vision Quest, which could continue WandaVision's story from White Vision's perspective.


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