Grand Admiral Thrawn Theory Reveals How He Changes The Star Wars Galaxy Forever (& Sets Up The Sequels)

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS from Ahsoka
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn's return from exile in the Ahsoka series could lead to dire implications for the iconic Star Wars planet, Coruscant.
  • Coruscant serves as the galactic capital for the New Republic government in Ahsoka, but by the time of the sequel trilogy, the New Republic has left the planet and relocated to Hosnian Prime.
  • Thrawn's return could potentially involve an attack on Coruscant, forcing the New Republic to evacuate and solidifying Thrawn's status as a major threat to the galaxy. This event would give Filoni's Mandalorian movie significant importance in the Star Wars canon.
Grand Admiral Thrawn is set to make his return from exile, and a new Star Wars theory suggests how he'll massively change the galaxy while also setting up the sequel trilogy. As revealed in Ahsoka, Thrawn has been trapped on the extragalactic world of Peridea, thus explaining his absence from the events of the original trilogy. Now, Thrawn is preparing to make his dynamic return which could very well include the destruction of an iconic Star Wars planet.
As seen in Ahsoka, Thrawn has been found by his agents with a means of finally making it back to the known galaxy. The expectation is that the former Imperial leader will indeed make his return to bolster the might of the Imperial Remnant as "Heir to the Empire" and subsequently start a war with the New Republic. To that end, there's a very strong theory that Thrawn's return could have dire implications for the ecumenopolis known as Coruscant, a critical planet that's long been the center of the Star Wars galaxy.
Your browser does not support the video tag. Coruscant Is The Galactic Capital In Ahsoka As seen in Ahsoka as well as in other shows set in the same era such as The Mandalorian, Coruscant serves as the galactic capital for the New Republic government that was put in place after the fall of the Empire. To that end, the planet-wide city has long been the center of power in the galaxy, having been the capital for thousands of years. During the reign of the Empire, it became known as Imperial Center and became the throneworld of Emperor Palpatine who used the fallen Jedi Order's temple on Coruscant as his palace.
Currently, the New Republic has taken control of Coruscant, and both Ahsoka and The Mandalorian have shown that the government is hard at work establishing a new order and rule of law throughout the known galaxy. Not only have they been decommissioning what remains of the Empire's war machine, but they've also been reintegrating former Imperial sympathizers back into society through the New Republic Amnesty Program. However, this has also bred spies and loyalists to the Imperial Remnant within the program as seen in The Mandalorian season 3. Now, Ahsoka has confirmed that the New Republic is still based out of Coruscant.


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