James Gunn"s DC Universe Plans Show Why The Arrowverse Always Had A Time Limit

The Arrowverse always had a time limit, and James Gunn's DC Universe plans show why. The Arrowverse received its name from Stephen Amell's Arrow, the first Arrowverse series, which premiered in 2012. Arrow season 2 would expand the universe by including Grant Gustin's debut as Barry Allen, with a two-episode arc that would soon lead to the actor starring in The Flash. Many series would come after that, with the Arrowverse becoming DC's most successful shared universe to date, as the DCEU movies proved themselves to be uneven throughout their run.
Now, the DCEU is being rebooted in favor of new DC Studios co-CEOs Gunn and Peter Safran's new DC Universe, which is said to be more in line with how the Arrowverse operated due to a focus on being closer to the comics than the DCEU ever was. As Gunn's DC Universe prepares to rise, the shared DC TV universe has ended, with The Flash season 9 not only seeing Gustin's speedster race to the finish line but the Arrowverse as a whole meet its end. While it existed for over a decade, the Arrowverse always had a time limit, and Gunn's DC Universe plans make it clear why.
The Arrowverse Couldn't Survive A DC Movie Expansion The Arrowverse was a very successful shared universe that managed to keep audience interest in DC's live-action projects high, even when the DCEU movies failed to do so. However, while the Arrowverse was well-established, it became complicated to integrate that universe with the movies due to the sheer volume of content available at The CW. It would be hard to bring all the baggage characters had to Gunn's DC Universe, as having audiences need to get acquainted with over a decade of storylines to understand a brand-new universe is just not possible.
Based on that, it became clear that if DC ever wanted to connect its movie and TV side, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now doing, it would need to reboot its series. Gunn's plans for the new DC Universe include movies, TV shows, animation, and video games. DC Universe actors will need to play their characters across all mediums. Having started in 2012, the Arrowverse just could not make it to the point where the new DC Universe will begin uniting the movie and TV sides, with the Arrowverse simply not having enough gas in the tank to keep going, and that's okay.


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