Titans" Series Finale Represents Everything That Was Wrong With DC"s Most Frustrating TV Show

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Titans season 4, episode 12
The series finale for HBO's Titans ended as the show began (and that's not a good thing). The trouble with Titans has always been its constant ignoring of some of its best characters while also having incredibly convoluted yet predictable plots. While the show has always had glimmers of strong ideas and characterization, it frequently wasted its great potential. As such, the series finale feels like an unfortunate homage to everything that went wrong with the show as a whole.
It's already been confirmed that there will not be a Titans season 5 from HBO Max. As such, the season finale of Titans season 4 is also the series finale, having been tasked with wrapping up the season's plot with the Titans' battle against Brother Blood while also offering some semblance of closure for the Titans themselves. However, there are simply far too many problems to call the series finale of Titans a success.


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