Star Wars Stole Dune"s Sandworms (& Accidentally Ruined Them)

The terrifying sandworms from the Dune series were actually stolen by Star Wars and accidentally made worse in the process. The sandworm is one of the most iconic creatures in the Dune franchise. While the overall story for the original Frank Herbert novel is more complex, the sandworms on the planet Arrakis have stuck out as the most recognizable part because of how scary they can be. Fans know the grand size they can reach and how easily they can hunt their prey, as brilliantly showcased in the recent film adaptation by Denis Villeneuve, who has promised an epic return for them in the upcoming sequel. However, since Dune has been around since the 1960s, the story's influence has been shown throughout popular culture long before the success of the 2021 film, and one popular sci-fi franchise actually brought the sandworm into their world.
In Terry Austin and Chris Sprouse's 1996 comic adaptation of Alan Dean Foster's novel Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind's Eye, Luke and Leia find themselves on a swamp planet called Mimban in search of a Kyber Crystal at a mysterious temple. However, they come across a massive creature called a Wandrella that interrupts these plans. Fans of the Dune series will immediately recognize this creature because it looks strikingly similar to Herbert's notorious and important sandworm. It's massive with a gaping mouth lined with sharp teeth to shred its prey. It even gives Luke and Leia a heart-pounding chase, with the two nearly getting eaten by the beast. This version of the iconic monster could have been a force to be reckoned with in the Star Wars universe, but a change in scenery actually ruins what made the original creature so scary.


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