Spider-Man TV Writers Shut Down Development on New Live-Action Shows

Development on Amazon Prime"s live-action Spider-Man shows has stopped thanks to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. 
The upcoming Silk: Spider Society and Spider-Man Noir series are building plenty of anticipation for fans as Amazon partners with Sony to develop a streaming Spidey universe. 
This "suite of live-action television series based on the Sony Pictures universe of Marvel characters" looks to be completely separate from Sony"s big-screen Spider-Man Universe, with Into the Spider-Verse directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller set to executive produce/oversee the venture.
These projects are described as "diverse, character-forward, watercooler shows" that will be "[executed] at the same level" as Spidey"s big-screen adventures, but still remain in the early stages of development with no expected release timing on the horizon.
Spider-Man Shows Put On Hold MarvelWhile speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord revealed the Amazon live-action Spider-Man series they are involved in were put on hold due to the WGA strike in Hollywood. 
Lord mentioned that development has stopped on both Silk: Spider Society and Spider-Man Noir, with writers" rooms being shut down until a deal is in place for writers. 
The Spider-Verse director remarked that once the upcoming Across the Spider-Verse is out in theaters, it will be the first time he has not "been in production [on something] for 13 years."
The two filmmakers have been outspoken in their opinions on the ongoing job action and showing support to the Writers and Directors Guilds. On the subject of the strike and one of the most pressing issues facing the writers in AI, Lord noted the importance that people realize "how good things can be when they’re not written by a computer:"
“One of the reasons we’re out pushing so hard on these projects is it’s important for people to see how good things can be when they’re not written by a computer.”
The directing duo added in a joint statement that filmmakers win "when distinctively written and directed movies and TV shows succeed" and that it helps "make the case for the commercial value of writing and directing:"
“We’re of the opinion that when distinctively written and directed movies and TV shows succeed it helps filmmakers make the case for the commercial value of writing and directing. We want to support the finished work, to make the case to the powers that be for the value of well-written entertainment. It is good for the WGA if finished written work succeeds.”
What is Next for the Spider-Man TV Series? While fans wait with bated breath for Amazon"s pair of announced Spider-Man series, this news will likely mean that - even though no official release date was announced - the projects are going to get pushed. 
It is not as if the shows were in active production and filming can continue without the presence of writers (which can come with its own problems). Both Silk and Spider-Man Noir are in the developmental writers" room stages, something that simply cannot be done while a writers strike is taking place. 
Right now, it is estimated that the strike "isn"t ending anytime soon," so a lengthy delay for both of these Spidey-themed spin-offs punts them even further down the calendar than they already were. 
As for what Chris Miller and Phil Lord will do next, the pair are about to help release Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (which is already getting near-universal acclaim). From there, after a lengthy vacation, the filmmaking duo will likely be seen out on picket lines supporting their fellow writers - and potentially directors. 
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse swings into theaters on Friday, June 2. 


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