WARNING: The Flash Spoilers & Video Clips Are All Over Social Media, Be Careful

Major The Flash spoilers are all over social media, and those who plan on watching the newest DCEU movie should be extra careful until it premiers. The Flash releases in the US on Friday, June 16, yet several screenings have been held already. Unfortunately, this is causing multiple The Flash spoilers to appear on social media, from scene descriptions to clips.
Major The Flash spoilers have been hitting social media, leading to upset reactions from those who plan to watch the upcoming DC movie.
Highly anticipated movies usually dominate the conversation on social media, with big spoilers showing up as soon as the film hits the screens. However, The Flash’s spoilers are taking over Twitter and other social platforms before most people even got a chance to see the movie. That is not to mention the legal aspect of those spoilers, especially regarding full clips that are floating around social media.
How To Avoid The Flash Spoilers On Social Media With The Flash movie premiering in most markets in less than 48 hours as of the writing of this article, the easiest way for someone to avoid The Flash spoilers is to stay out of social media until they have watched the film. This is especially true for those who consume pop culture content quite a lot and may be more susceptible to running into a The Flash spoiler discussion across different platforms.
Another solution is to mute words associated with the film on Twitter. Muting terms such as “The Flash” and “The Flash spoilers” is not a guarantee that someone will avoid all possible spoilers, but it helps quite a lot. Unfollowing or muting accounts that are willing to discuss spoilers is also helpful.


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