Marvel Tearing Up Phase 5 & 6 Release Plans Is Great For The MCU"s Future

Although they entail a longer wait, the MCU's Phase 5 and 6 delays are ultimately good news for the franchise. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no stranger to delays, having reshuffled all of Phase 4 multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a high output, an increasingly interconnected multiverse, and some unavoidable events that affect the whole movie industry, MCU release dates are still bound to keep moving around.
After a barrage of Phase 4 releases, Marvel is taking a step back with Phases 5 and 6. The company is spacing out upcoming titles and delaying them when necessary to guarantee a higher quality. In reaction to the Writers Guild of America strike, Marvel has decided to push back Captain America: Brave New World from May 2024 to July 2024; Thunderbolts from July 2024 to December 2024; Blade from September 2024 to February 2025; Fantastic Four from February 2025 to May 2025, and Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars one whole year to May 2026 and May 2027, respectively — all of which seem like ideal release dates.


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