Data & Lore Officially Unite Against Star Trek"s Biggest Threat Ever

Star Trek's forthcoming comics' crossover, Day of Blood, will see Data and Lore reunite - this time against a common enemy. The two android brothers have long been at odds, but the franchise’s god war has upended the galaxy, forcing them to fight alongside one another against Kahless’ fanatical Red Path cult in August’s Star Trek: Defiant #6!
The Day of Blood crossover, which is the first in Star Trek’s comic book history, kicked off with this year’s Free Comic Book Day special, and continues in summer-shipping issues of Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant. IDW shared Malachi Ward's covers for the books via, including Star Trek: Defiant #6. The cover shows Data and Lore, against a blood-red background, fighting with their backs towards each other against a horde of encroaching Red Path members.
Data and Lore Face the Red Path In the pages of IDW's flagship Star Trek title, the Bajoran Prophet have sent Benjamin Sisko back to stop a mysterious being who is killing the universe's godlike entities. Accompanied by a crew of Starfleet’s best and brightest, including Data, Captain Sisko uncovered the culprit - the clone Emperor Kahless of the Klingon Empire. Kahless possesses a fantastic weapon capable of slaughtering the universe’s gods - a process which is eroding the fabric of the universe, and will eventually collapse reality itself. Meanwhile, in Star Trek: Defiant, Worf commandeers the USS Defiant to stop Kahless’ cult from destroying the universe and to help in his mission, he enlists the services of Lore. It was only a matter of time before the god war would bring Lore and Data together - and now they are fighting against a common enemy.


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