Captain Marvel's Husband Seemingly Revealed by New MCU Merch

Captain Marvel has been rumored to have a husband in The Marvels for months, but new MCU merchandise might have finally revealed his identity.
Producers made it a point to avoid Brie Larson"s Carol Danvers having a male love interest in Captain Marvel, so it was strange when rumors first surfaced of her having a "husband" in the sequel and that the groom would be Park Seo-Joon"s character. However, it"s long been speculated that his character is Prince Yan from the comics.
All signs have pointed to this being the case, especially since it was rumored last year that The Marvels would partially be a musical and that there would be "a planet where they can only communicate in song." Something that appeared to be confirmed by the teaser trailer for the Captain Marvel sequel.
Husband of Captain Marvel Revealed? MarvelA fan account for Captain Marvel on Twitter found a list of McDonald"s toys for The Marvels, which revealed the name of Park Seo-Joon"s character and Carol"s potential husband.
TwitterThe name of the characters aren"t all visible in the image, but according to the account, they"re listed as follows:
  • Captain Marvel
  • Photon
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Kree Supremor Dar-Benn
  • Nick Fury
  • Prince Yan
  • Goose
  • Princess Carol
Captain Marvel (2014) - Issue #9So, fans finally have confirmation that Seo-Joon will indeed be playing Prince Yan from the comics. However, in addition to that, there"s also a toy for "Princess Carol," suggesting that the rumor of him being the cosmic hero"s "husband" is also true.
Carol Danvers" Sham Marriage?In 2014, Captain Marvel #9, the self-proclaimed boss of space was roped into helping a rockstar mutant, Lila Cheney, get out of an arranged marriage with Prince Yan of Aladna. However, the royal wasn"t a fan of the arranged marriage either and was only going through it for politics.
Marvel StudiosBut in The Marvels, it seems that Carol will be taking Lila"s place, with hints at the circumstances of the marriage seen in the teaser trailer, albeit edited out of order. During a wide shot with everyone dancing, Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau can be seen in the crowd in normal clothing.
Marvel StudiosHowever, something happens that ends with Carol wearing a hat resembling a jellyfish. Perhaps she unintentionally involved herself in a planetary ritual, considering her expression.
So, whether it"s Carol accidentally marrying Yan, him marrying her on the spot for political power, or an alliance, the marriage will no doubt be a sham and an extremely temporary one.
The Marvels releases in theaters on November 10.


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