1 Princess Leia Quote Redefines Star Wars" Biggest Theme

The Star Wars saga is defined by the theme of hope, most often through the characters associated with the Rebel Alliance. Leia is such a character, who presses on in the face of insurmountable odds, inspiring and leading those around her. When all others lose faith, it's Leia who maintains the belief that victory is possible. However, there's a secret reason Leia has been able to keep hope alive.
Luke Skywalker’s journey in the Original Trilogy was one driven by his connection to the Jedi, and Han Solo’s was mainly guided by his dedication to his newfound friends and family. Leia Organa, however, developed her fighting spirit against the Empire from the beginning as she grew up running mercy missions and saving the lives of refugees, much to the chagrin of Imperial higher-ups. Eventually she joined the Rebellion full time once she proved her worth to her father, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma. Enough tragedy and danger would come her way throughout the years that would make anyone question how she makes it through every time.


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