Secret Invasion Episode 2 Includes Key Flash Movie Location

The latest episode of Disney+"s Secret Invasion visited a location that was also seen on superhero screens this month in The Flash.
Through Secret Invasion, Marvel Studios is delivering its latest spy thriller and a global affair that leaves the fate of the world in jeopardy.
So far, the series has already visited London, Moscow, and Washington, with plenty more locations expected to be visited in the coming episodes.
Secret Invasion Filmed in The Flash"s Central City LocationSecret Invasion Episode 2 visited a location that was recently utilized by DC Studios for Ezra Miller"s The Flash movie.
Marvel StudiosThat location was London"s Senate House, which was used for the emergency security meeting of world leaders that James Rhodes/War Machine attends during the episode.
Marvel StudiosRhodey was greeted by a swarm of reporters at the London location as he arrived to explain to the world why Nick Fury and Maria Hill were present in Russia at the time of Gravik and the Skrulls" terror attack.
Marvel StudiosWhen it comes to DC"s Ezra Miller-led The Flash, the Senate House was converted into the exterior for the Central City Police Department where Barry Allen, Patty Spivot, and Albert Desmond all work.
DCOnce used by the Ministry of Information during the Second World War, the Senate House now serves as one of many parts of the University of London.
The Senate House has plenty of history in Hollywood, appearing in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, Fast & Furious 6, No Time to Die, and more.
DC and Marvel Share Major LocationIn this case, Marvel and DC put two very different spins on London"s famous Senate House. While Secret Invasion used the location as a part of London, The Flash turned the building into one of many parts of Central City - which, obviously, can"t be filmed in as it serves as the fictional home of the speedster.
Obviously, it"s not at all uncommon for the same locations to be seen across a multitude of Hollywood movies and shows, but it"s rather crazy to see the same one visited across the two competing superhero brands in the same month.
Although the two projects may be releasing around the same time, the filming of The Flash and Secret Invasion wasn"t quite as intertwined. Both were shot in the UK, however, the MCU series was filmed from September 2021 to April 2022, with the DC blockbuster shooting prior from April to October 2021.
The first two episodes of Secret Invasion are streaming now on Disney+. The Flash is playing now in theaters worldwide.


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