10 Titans Stories That Can"t Happen Without Season 5

DC's Titans ended its run with season 4; however, the show set up many stories that won't be resolved without a Titans season 5 return in the future. Titans was an uneven DC show right from the start, with the series making waves after its first footage was released, which included a controversial "F*ck Batman" comment from Dick Grayson as Robin. Since then, Titans improved with each season, and Titans did manage to do a number of iconic stories - both original and loosely adapted from other source material.
Over four seasons, Titans saw a number of popular DC characters and storylines get adapted. The Titans fought Deathstroke, the comic book team's most popular villain; Trigon, who is intrinsically connected to the team through him being Raven's father; Brother Blood, a mysterious villain that has tangled with the team over the years; and even Scarecrow, who is primarily a Batman villain but made for an interesting change in dynamics during season 3. The Titans roster also saw many different members appear and leave throughout the years, with more teased to arrive but never doing so. A Titans season 5 could have paid those teases and more.
10 How The Titans Come Back Together The Titans series finale ending saw the team get scattered, with different locations and goals in play. Showrunner Greg Walker revealed during his exclusive interview with Screen Rant that the team behind the show did not know that season 4 would be the final one while working out the final episode's placement of the characters. Walker also mentioned that he and a few others had already begun to figure out how to have the team reunite in the next season when they learned that season 5 would not happen. Without another season, the Titans will never make their way to each other.
9 The Reincarnation of Jinx Lisa Ambalavanar's Jinx was a welcome addition to Titans season 4, with the character having a fun back-and-worth dynamic with Brenton Thwaites' Dick Grayson. Sadly, Jinx would not make it to the end of the series, with the character being killed by Mother Mayhem. However, as she dies, Jinx says, "Not again." Jinx also appeared to Gar inside the Red in the Death Realm. There, she makes it clear to him that she has experience with dying. Based on the teases throughout season 4, it appears that Jinx's reincarnation was just a matter of time, and Titans season 5 could have dealt with that storyline, and more, for the character.
8 Titans X Fearsome Five It is possible that due to her being killed for helping the Titans, Jinx would not be exactly happy with the team and would return to life to fight them with her own team. However, it is more likely that her previous team would try to avenge her without knowing what went down. Titans' showrunner, Walker, revealed that the Fearsome Five were some of the villains discussed to be in Titans season 5. The Fearsome Five and the Titans have fought before in comics and animated series. The villain team in the comics predominantly consists of Psimon, Gizmo, Mammoth, Shimmer, and Jinx.
7 Terra's Introduction Terra is an iconic character with a relation to the Titans in the comics that had been requested to appear in the series for quite some time. Titans season 2 did a version of the character's most famous comic book story, the Judas Contract, although swapping out Terra for Deathstroke's daughter, Rose Wilson. According to Walker, the Titans team was trying to figure out how to bring Tara Markov's powers to live-action, as the VFX required to properly adapt them would cost a hefty sum. Walker mentioned that the team behind the show was trying to "work around that without making a disappointing experience for the fans?"
6 Finally Paying Off The Roy Harper Teases While Colton Haynes' Roy Harper from Arrow might not have made the trip to Titans through the multiverse, the DC show did tease the introduction of the team's most famous archer quite a few times throughout the series. Walker revealed that had Titans season 5 moved forward, Roy Harper being introduced was a very real possibility, although negotiations to include him had not started yet. Roy and Donna Troy share an interesting relationship in the comics, and the archer's arrival could mean that Titans was also going to bring back fan-favorite Donna actress Conor Leslie. Roy could have also been a part of the planned Red Hood spinoff series.
5 Enter The Next Robin, Damian Wayne Damian Wayne is Bruce's biological son, and he will star alongside Batman in the DC Universe's The Brave and the Bold. The movie will take a page from Titans and other adaptations by including multiple members from the comics' Bat-Family. While Titans focuses on characters related to the Teen Titans and their world, the show always featured Batman elements predominantly, which was almost a necessity due to its lead character being one of Bruce's adoptive sons, Dick Grayson. Throughout its run, Titans would adapt Dick, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake. Damian was the next male Robin in line to appear, and season 5 might have seen his debut.


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