Star Wars Rebel Twi"lek Cosplay Takes Ryloth By Storm

A Star Wars rebel gears up to reclaim their home planet, Ryloth, in a very creative Twi’lek cosplay. Twi’leks appeared for the first time in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and quickly became one of the most recognizable Star Wars alien species. More about Twi’leks and their home planet would be revealed in other pieces of the Star Wars canon, especially Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ryloth episodes.
Cosplayer Snippycosplay (@snippycosplay) created an original Star Wars character in an incredible Twi’lek cosplay, imagining a rebel Twi’lek soldier gearing up to fight for Ryloth.
Inspired by Star Wars Rebels, this Twi’lek cosplay features a lekku headpiece and a pair of flight goggles, just like what Hera Syndulla usually wears. Ryloth was a key planet during the Clone Wars timeline, a status that it maintained during the Age of the Empire. Clone Wars, Rebels, and Star Wars: The Bad Batch showed that Twi’leks were always ready for battle when it comes to saving Ryloth, which this cosplay captures.
Ryloth’s Star Wars History Explained Ryloth’s political context was always turbulent, with different clans and factions competing for power since the High Republic. During the Clone Wars, Ryloth fell victim to the Techno Union, which invaded the planet in the name of the Separatist Alliance and placed a commercial blockade around it. Senator Orn Free Taa, who should have been fighting for Ryloth on Coruscant, never really cared for his people.
The Separatist Alliance’s invasion of Ryloth led to the rise of Cham Syndulla, who viewers would one day know as Hera Syndulla’s father, as a potential leader for the planet. Cham Syndulla was not interested in diplomacy and instead believed that the only way Ryloth could be saved was by fighting. While Syndulla’s resistance helped Ryloth break free of the Techno Union’s blockade, things would still get a lot worse for the planet.


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