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The cast of actors in the MCU"s latest Disney+ series, Secret Invasion, is ready to shine in their roles as iconic Marvel characters.
Marvel Studios looks to bring one of Marvel Comics" most epic sagas to life with Secret Invasion, highlighting the Skrulls" quest to conquer Earth as they search for a new home in outer space.
The series will also feature one of the most star-filled casts in MCU history, most of which were put into the spotlight as soon as the show"s first episode made its long-awaited arrival on Disney+
Every MCU Actor in Secret InvasionMarvel Studios has so far confirmed 20 actors to play roles in the MCU"s newest Disney+ series, Secret Invasion.
Below is a list of all of the main stars appearing in this series along with the roles that many are confirmed to play:
1.) Samuel L. Jackson - Nick Fury Samuel L. JacksonMaking his MCU-record 12th appearance, Samuel L. Jackson now takes on his first leading effort as the central character of Secret Invasion. This show will be first and foremost a Nick Fury adventure as the former SHIELD director returns to Earth looking to get to the bottom of the Skrull"s plan to take over his home planet.
At the start of the series, Fury is still finding his footing again as he steps foot on Earth for the first time in years, working to find out who he can trust and how he can get back to full strength.
2.) Ben Mendelsohn - Talos Ben MendelsohnTalos has been hiding out on Earth since before the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, returning to prominence in Secret Invasion as Ben Mendelsohn makes his third appearance in the MCU. The Skrull leader"s friendship with Fury is still very much intact, but along with losing his wife, Soren, he"s been kicked off the Skrull council and exiled by his people.
The shapeshifter looks to rebuild his own relationships with his friends and family as he helps Fury find out the secrets behind why his people are on Earth and taking over in a malicious fashion.
3.) Cobie Smulders - Maria Hill Cobie SmuldersCobie Smulders made her first appearance in the MCU since Spider-Man: Far From Home, with that movie revealing that Talos" wife Soren had been posing as her through the whole affair. Unfortunately, however, Maria Hill"s reunion with Nick Fury in this series would seemingly be her last, as the veteran SHIELD agent was killed off at the end of Episode 1. 
Smulders" veteran spy bled out in the middle of Vossoyedineniye Square on Russia"s Unity Day, and unless a miracle comes through, the character"s time in the MCU appears to be at an end.
4.) Martin Freeman - Everett Ross Martin FreemanMartin Freeman"s Everett Ross only appeared in the opening scene of Secret Invasion, although he was quickly revealed to be a Skrull spy after falling off of a tall building and being shot by Talos.
Currently, it"s a complete mystery if the real Everett Ross is still alive and kicking in the MCU, leaving his place in the story after Black Panther: Wakanda Forever a complete mystery for now.
5.) Kingsley Ben-Adir - Gravik Kingsley Ben-AdirThe main villain of Secret Invasion will come in the form of a Skrull named Gravik, played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, who played a key role in the show"s first episode. Gravik leads a group of rogue Skrulls who have taken over a radioactive plant in Russia as a home base, with the aliens still in search of a new home as the group"s leader holds resentment against Talos and Fury for failing to do just that.
By the end of the episode, not only does he ignite the bomb that blows up Vossoyedineniye Square, but he then disguises himself as Fury and shoots Maria Hill to her death.
6.) Emilia Clarke - G’iah Emilia ClarkeGame of Thrones" Emilia Clarke makes her MCU debut in Secret Invasion Episode 1, playing a grown-up version of Talos" daughter, G"iah, who was first seen in Captain Marvel. As an adult, however, G"iah has aligned herself with Gravik, but she later learns about her mother"s death and starts to have a change of heart.
While she can"t stop the bombing in time alongside Fury and Talos, it seems most likely that she"ll wind up working with her father again as she looks for a new way to help the Skrulls survive.
7.) Olivia Colman - Sonya Falsworth Olivia ColmanJoining the Marvel universe as Sonya Falsworth is Academy Award winner Olivia Colman, who only had a short bit of screen time in the first episode of this Disney+ series. Even though she boasts ties to the noted Howling Commando James Montgomery Falsworth from Captain America: The First Avenger, her intentions seem to be more malicious right now as her spy nature shone in this first episode.
Sonya and Fury discussed their past encounters with one another, although it"s clear that her villainous intentions will come through before too many more episodes pass by.
8.) Don Cheadle - James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes Don CheadleDon Cheadle returns for his second appearance in the MCU"s Multiverse Saga as James Rhodes/War Machine, serving as an advisor to the President of the United States in this first episode.
All fans see him do in this episode is let the President know that Fury has left S.A.B.E.R., a new intergalactic space defense organization, although he"s sure to make more of an impact on the plot as Secret Invasion moves forward.
9.) Charlayne Woodard - Nick Fury’s Wife Charlayne WoodardSecret Invasion will give fans a first-ever look into Nick Fury"s home life as the story dives into his relationship with his wife, Priscilla, who will make her MCU debut.
While Priscilla Fury hasn"t appeared in the series yet, she"s confirmed to be played by Charlayne Woodard, with recent credits on her resume that include runs on Pose and Animal Kingdom.
10.) Killian Scott - Pagon Killian ScottAs revealed exclusively by The Direct, Killian Scott will make his first appearance in the Marvel Universe as a Skrull character named Pagon, who was seen for a few scenes working as Gravik"s right-hand man.
11.) Samuel Adewunmi - Beto Samuel AdewunmiOnly seen for a few minutes in Episode 1 of Secret Invasion, Samuel Adewunmi portrayed a Skrull character named Beto, who found G"iah in New Skrullos as he looked to help his people in the fight for Earth.
12.) Richard Dormer - Agent Prescod Richard DormerRichard Dormer"s Agent Prescod met his end after only a few minutes of screentime at the start of Secret Invasion Episode 1, showing the research he had done on the Skrulls that have invaded Earth already.
He was killed by the Skrull that posed as Everett Ross, marking the first casualty for the heroes" side of the fight.
13.) Uriel Emil - Poprishchin Uriel EmilIsraeli star Uriel Emil enjoyed one tense scene as the Skrull arms dealer Poprishchin alongside Fury and Talos, although Fury caused a rift between himself and his friend when he took Poprishchin out with two bullets to the chest.
14.) Dermot Mulroney - President Ritson Dermot MulroneyWhile USA politics in the MCU haven"t been explored often outside of President Ellis in Iron Man 3, Secret Invasion will add a new chapter to that legacy with Dermot Mulroney"s portrayal of President Ritson.
He took the spotlight in one scene from Episode 1 where he discussed Fury"s absence from S.A.B.E.R. with James Rhodes, although fans are already waiting to see the transition of power between Ritson and Thunderbolt Ross before Captain America: Brave New World.
15.) Tony Curran - Derrik Tony CurranTony Curran was only seen through secret camera footage during one scene in Episode 1, in which the MI6 agent discussed the Skrull invasion with Sonya Falsworth as Fury, Hill, and Talos listened in. 
16.) Irmena Chichikova - Kreega Irmena ChichikovaBulgarian actress Irmena Chichikova embodied one of the Skrulls" top-ranking leaders, Kreega, who was seen in New Skrullos working closely with G"iah as the aliens took new human forms and kept their body doubles as prisoners.
17.) Ben Peel - Brogan Ben PeelBen Peel"s Brogan appeaed only for a few minutes in Episode 1, taking the form of one of the Skrulls" human prisoners, which was seen in a moment used often during Secret Invasion"s promotional tour before he helped with the bombing.
18.) Michael Epp - Ruben Steiner Michael EppMichael Epp"s Ruben Steiner was seen only for a few moments working as part of President Ritson"s security detail at the White House while the USA leader spoke with Rhodey about Nick Fury going AWOL from S.A.B.E.R.
19.) Christopher McDonald Christopher McDonaldKnown for roles in classic movies like Happy Gilmore and Thelma & Louis, Christopher McDonald looks to take on a new pop culture franchise as he plays an original, yet undisclosed, character in the MCU.
While he wasn"t seen in Episode 1, McDonald"s character is rumored to be "doing a lot of stuff with Samuel [Nick Fury]" as he looks to make an impact on much more than just Secret Invasion.
20.) Katie Finneran Katie FinneranKatie Finneran is confirmed to join Secret Invasion in an undisclosed MCU role, although she was nowhere to be seen in Episode 1.
Known for her role in the hit series Bloodline, she also had a role in 2020"s Freaky alongside fellow MCU newcomer Kathryn Newton from Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.
The first episode of Secret Invasion is now streaming on Disney+.


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