Hawkeye Star Announces Pregnancy Ahead of Her Marvel Spin-off Show

MCU Disney+ star Alaqua Cox shared a major life update on social media. 
Cox made her Marvel debut as Maya Lopez aka Echo in 2021"s Hawkeye, a deaf amputee with the ability to copy another"s movements and the leader of the Kingpin"s Tracksuit Mafia. 
Her role in the series laid the groundwork for her own solo spin-off series, Echo
At the moment, Marvel has yet to confirm Echo"s Disney+ release. But as fans await a future announcement, the series star just confirmed she"s also expecting a new addition to her family. 
Echo"s Alaqua Cox Announces Pregnancy MarvelOn Instagram, Hawkeye"s own Alaqua Cox revealed that she"s pregnant and expecting a baby boy. 
The Marvel actress captioned her post as follows:
"Best Mother’s Day gift We can’t wait to meet you, baby boy"
InstagramEcho Star"s Impact on the MCUWhile Echo has yet to premiere, Alaqua Cox has already made a significant impact on the MCU as her Hawkeye casting made her the first disabled actress to play a major Marvel Studios character. 
However, Cox"s character is also significant in terms of current MCU storytelling. 
At the end of Hawkeye, audiences were led to believe that Maya Lopez shot Vincent D"Onofio"s Kingpin, and he - along with Charlie Cox"s Daredevil - are both expected to return in Echo ahead of Daredevil: Born Again
With Echo"s release on the way, and now Alaqua Cox"s own news, it"s clear that the MCU actress has a lot to look forward to in the months to come.   
Echo"s Disney+ release is currently unknown.


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