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Disney finally confirmed the primary actors that will make up the cast of X-Men "97 on Disney+. 
The upcoming animated streaming series is set to re-introduce Marvel"s iconic team of mutants to a new generation, as it follows up on the story told in X-Men: The Animated Series from the 1990s.
Celebrating the legacy of the classic X-Men series, the project will bring back a number of classic actors from the original show as the beloved band of super-powered misfits asks themselves "What does [the] future hold for us" after the traumatic events of the TAS finale. 
The show"s main cast of characters has been officially announced in anticipation of the series; however information on who is playing who has remained largely shrouded in mystery. 
X-Men "97 Reboot Actors ConfirmedThanks to a newly-filed legal document, fans finally have a list of the actors set to lead the X-Men "97 cast. 
The pre-registration copyright for Episode 1 of the upcoming animated series listed the 11 primary actors that will appear in the show for the very first time, revealing who will be playing who. 
1.) Ray Chase - Cyclops Ray ChaseTaking on the role of Scott Summers/Cyclops is Ray Chase. Cyclops is set to have a major role in X-Men "97, with him and Storm described as "the main characters" of the upcoming series.
This marks the first time Chase has voiced the iconic X-Men character, with the veteran voice actor having played roles in a number of series, video games, and movies. Last year, he voiced SHIELD director Nick Fury in Marvel"s Midnight Suns
2.) Jennifer Hale - Jean Grey Jennifer HaleX-Men mainstay Jean Grey is back for more fun in the Animated Series spiritual sequel. This time around, the copper-haired telepath will be voiced by Jennifer Hale as she deals with the loss of her mentor, Professor X.
When it comes to stars of the voice acting game, there are few bigger than Hale. The longtime voice actress has played Jean Grey a number of times before and is best known for her work as Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect video game series. Most recently, she was heard as Sentaor Chuchi in The Bad Batch
3.) Lenore Zann - Rogue Lenore ZannFormer Rogue actor Lenore Zann will reprise her X-Men: The Animated Series role in X-Men "97 more than 20 years since her last appearance as the character. The last time fans saw Zann"s power-absorbing X-Men character, she was in a relationship with the charming Gambit and serving as one of the leading members of the iconic Marvel team. 
Since Zann"s last time playing Rogue (in the fighting game Marvel vs Capcom 2), the actor has continued to act, working on projects like the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and My Little Pony
4.) George Buza - Beast George BuzaHank McCoy (aka the lovable blue behemoth genius, Beast) makes his triumphant return by way of voice actor George Buza. Beast is, in large part, the brains of the X-Men operation, supporting the team with all sorts of tech, gadgets, and vehicles they may need. He is also a huge help on the battlefield, sporting super-human strength that would make even the Hulk jealous. 
Buza reprises his X-Men: The Animated Series role as Beast, having popped up in a number of titles since the series" original run including Bryan Singer"s original 2000 X-Men film. 
5.) Holly Chou - Jubilee Holly ChouFranchise newcomer Holly Chou takes on the role of the pyrokinetic Jubilee (aka Jubilation Lee). In the original series, Jubilee served a role as the young gun who finally found family within the X-Men team. 
Holly Chou has credits across gaming, movies, and TV, including Kumail Nanjiani"s The Big Sick and the PlayStation 5 hit, Horizon: Forbidden West
6.) Christopher Britton - Mr. Sinister Christopher BrittonThe villainous Mr. Sinister is set to make his animated return via his original voice actor Christopher Britton. Mr. Sinister will serve as X-Men "97"s primary antagonist as the character aims "to destroy the X-Men once and for all," according to series writer Beau DeMayo.
Britton reprises his role as the X-Men big bad, having since appeared in a number of projects like DC"s Legends of Tomorrow, the animated Iron Man series, and Netflix"s hit Locke & Key
7.) Alison Sealy-Smith - Storm Alison Sealy-SmithAlison Sealy Smith"s Storm/Ororo Munroe serves as X-Men "97"s main character alongside Scott Summers (aka Cyclops). She will help lead the super-powered team, using the weather-manipulating powers in the fight against Mr. Sinister. 
Alison Sealy Smith originally portrayed Strom in The Animated Series for all but its first season. The actress is also known for her work in Sailor Moon, the 90s Spider-Man animated series, and Degrassi: The Next Generation
8.) Cal Dodd - Wolverine Cal DoddOf course, no X-Men project would be complete without the gruff adamantium-coated mutant, Wolverine. Iconic Wolverine voice actor Cal Dodd is back as the character, as Logan rejoined the team following during the final arc of the Animated Series more than 20 years ago. 
Dodd was one of the first voice actors confirmed for X-Men "97 thanks to the star posting on social media saying he was back and ready to wield the claws yet again. The actor"s other credits include Paw Patrol, Atomic Betty, and Goosebumps
9.) A. J. LoCascio - Gambit A.J. LoCascioAmerican actor A. J. LoCascio joins X-Men "97 as fan-favorite Gambit. The charismatic mutant with the ability to kinetically charge objects doesn"t go anywhere without his trusty deck of cards. Gambit (aka Remy LeBeau) finally kissed Rogue at the end of The Animated Series, meaning she now also has his set of energy-based powers. 
X-Men "97 marks the first time LoCascio has played Gambit, however, fans will be familiar with his work as Marty McFly in TellTale"s Back to the Future video game and Han Solo in last years LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
10.) Matthew Waterson - Magneto Matthew WatersonAfter years as a villain opposing the X-Men, Magneto will reportedly flip sides in X-Men "97, becoming the pseudo-leader of the team and using his powers of metal manipulation for good in light of the death of his longtime friend Charles Xavier. 
Waterson is one of the new voices joining the cast, having previously worked mostly in video games on hits like The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted 4, and Hogwarts Legacy
11.) Gui Agustini - Sunspot Gui AgustiniAfter never appearing in X-Men: The Animated Series, Sunspot/Roberto De Costa will serve as one of the new characters set to appear in X-Men "97. Roberto"s mutant powers include the ability to absorb solar energy and rechannel it into concussive blasts. 
Gui Agustini (who will bring the new mutant to life) is best known for his work on the Marvel children"s series Spidey and his Amazing Friends as well as the online portion of the open-world crime video game Grand Theft Auto V
X-Men "97 is expected to release sometime in 2023, but recent rumors suggest the title could be moved to 2024. 


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