Star Wars Has Retconned The First Thing We Ever Learned About The Jedi

  • Star Wars: The High Republic retcons the idea of the Jedi as champions of a golden age, revealing conflicts and disasters during this time.
  • The apparent conflict between the High Republic era and Obi-Wan's comment about the Jedi being the guardians of peace and justice can be explained by nostalgia and idealized memories.
  • The disasters of the High Republic era permanently changed the Jedi Order and served as the beginning of their decline, leading to the flaws seen in the prequel trilogy.
Star Wars' massively successful transmedia initiative, Star Wars: The High Republic, has retconned the very first thing established about the Jedi. Set during the High Republic Era, centuries before the events of the Skywalker saga, Star Wars: The High Republic is exploring a part of the timeline that's never been seen before. It is centered around the Jedi and the Republic at their height, and its story is told in books, comics, manga, audio dramas, a potential future video game, and even the upcoming Disney+ TV show The Acolyte.


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