10 Versions Of Voyager"s Tom Paris In Star Trek

  • Tom Paris, a popular character in Star Trek: Voyager, had a complex backstory and went through significant character development throughout the series.
  • Tom Paris was based on the character Nick Locarno from Star Trek: The Next Generation. This caused confusion in the franchise, which was resolved in Star Trek: Lower Decks by addressing their similarity.
  • Tom Paris had multiple versions and experiences, including being imprisoned multiple times and transforming into a salamander. He also had various depictions in holodeck programs and a future as a holonovelist.
There have been many different versions of Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) in the Star Trek franchise to date. First introduced in Star Trek: Voyager, Tom was a Starfleet Lieutenant and the helmsman aboard the USS Voyager while the ship was lost in the Delta Quadrant. Although not much has been seen of Tom in Star Trek since Voyager's series finale, he was a popular character on the show with an interesting backstory that went through some impressive development over the course of the series.
Tom was a member of Voyager's main cast of characters and, as such, involved in most of the show's biggest storylines. Because of the nature of Voyager's premise, this meant that there were a number of episodes featuring Tom that showcased a different version of him than the standard. In addition to this, a behind-the-scenes twist in Tom's backstory that connected him to a past Star Trek character caused a plot hole in the franchise that was only recently addressed by Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4.


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