10 Times Star Wars Abandoned George Lucas" Vision

  • George Lucas envisioned faster Resistance ships, not slow-moving bombers like in The Last Jedi.
  • Lucas criticized The Force Awakens as a "retro movie" which lacked new ideas.
  • Lucas intended stormtroopers to remain clones, but the new canon replaced them with conscripted soldiers.
George Lucas opened the Star Wars universe as a space for other writers to tell new stories, but sometimes their ideas abandoned his vision. Lucas' Expanded Universe rules outlined what was off-limits, and he occasionally requested changes to match his view of Star Wars. Even so, several books, comics, and video games featured concepts that went against what Lucas would have done, some of which received public criticism from him. After selling Lucasfilm and handing the franchise to other creatives, the Star Wars movies and TV shows introduced more designs, styles, and character arcs that went against Lucas' vision.
Some of these ideas differ from Lucas' approach to storytelling, reflecting the new filmmakers who continued his saga. However, other decisions contradict Lucas' previous statements or completely defy his definition of the Force and what "balance" means. Others don't fit with Lucas' Star Wars saga, taking the story in a direction that goes against Lucas' original intent. This can be seen most clearly in 10 examples of times when Star Wars abandoned Lucas' vision.


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