Star Wars" Canceled TV Show Is More Important Than Ever - & The MCU Has Shown How To Tell The Story

  • The cancellation of "Rangers of the New Republic" has resulted in its storylines being incorporated into other Star Wars shows, but it's disappointing that these characters aren't receiving the attention they deserve.
  • Characters like Captain Carson Teva have appeared in multiple Star Wars shows, risking the shrinking of the galaxy and taking away from the focus on other shows' stories.
  • Star Wars should take inspiration from Marvel's "Special Presentations" and consider creating short films to tell the stories of canceled shows, allowing for effective storytelling without impeding on other shows' main storylines.
There's one Disney+ TV show Star Wars canceled, but the show’s plot is more vital than ever, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already shown Lucasfilm how to finally tell the story. The Mandalorian spin-off Rangers of the New Republic was supposed to follow Gina Carano’s Cara Dune along with other New Republic officials in their own Star Wars TV show. The show, however, was canceled, most likely due to Carano’s firing - subsequently leading to Cara being written out of The Mandalorian season 3.
Since the cancelation of Rangers of the New Republic, the show’s storylines have been adapted into other Star Wars Disney+ shows, such as The Mandalorian and Ahsoka. While it’s important these stories are still being told in some form, it’s disappointing these characters aren’t getting the attention and care they deserve, and it's certainly making the storytelling space of these existing shows even smaller. Despite this, there’s still a way for Star Wars story to tell this story, and the team at Lucasfilm should look to the MCU for inspiration.


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