Chris Hemsworth"s One Thor 5 Condition Sets Up A Brutal MCU Team-Up Movie

  • Thor 5 may need to implement a change in tone to satisfy Chris Hemsworth, who wants a different direction for his character in the MCU's future.
  • The Marvel Comics event Chaos War would be a perfect fit for Thor 5's darker tone, featuring a powerful villain, the Chaos King, and the formation of a formidable team.
  • Thor 5 has the potential to reunite Thor and Loki, and could serve as a touching send-off for Chris Hemsworth's character, potentially marking the end of his MCU journey.
One Marvel Comics event would be perfect to allow Thor 5 to fit Chris Hemsworth's condition for returning as the God of Thunder, and would set up a huge crossover event in the MCU. Chris Hemsworth is currently the only MCU hero to receive four solo projects, comprising 2011's Thor, 2013's Thor: The Dark World, 2017's Thor: Ragnarok, and 2022's Thor: Love and Thunder. While Thor's adventures haven't always been positively received, with Love and Thunder receiving a great deal of criticism, there is speculation that Marvel Studios will be developing Thor 5. While Thor 5 hasn't yet been officially confirmed, the project will need to make some serious changes.
The biggest change that Thor 5 will need to implement is a drastic change in tone. Hemsworth has embarked on two serious, Shakespearean storylines with Thor and The Dark World, while Taika Waititi's direction of Ragnarok and Love and Thunder brought a sense of humor to the God of Thunder. For Thor's most recent project, however, Waititi's comedy had a detrimental impact, leading to Chris Hemsworth saying Thor 5 needs a tone change if he's to reprise the role in the MCU's future (via Happy Sad Confused Podcast). As such, Thor 5 could take a much darker route, opening the door for the adaptation of an intense Marvel Comics storyline.​​​​​​​


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