Casting Magneto"s Brotherhood Of Mutants For The MCU"s X-Men Saga

  • Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants could add dynamic villains to the MCU's X-Men, providing compelling challenges for the heroes.
  • Giancarlo Esposito, Alfie Allen, and Sam Claflin are ideal choices to portray key members of Magneto's iconic villainous group.
  • With the right actors, the MCU's X-Men movie could bring a fresh and captivating take on these famous mutant characters, enhancing the franchise.
Several incredible actors could make a compelling rendition of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants in the MCU's X-Men project. The MCU's X-Men movie is primed to depict mutants both heroic and villainous in the superhero franchise. The infamous evil mutant troupe, the Brotherhood, has proven itself as a repeated obstacle for even the strongest X-Men. If portrayed by the right actors, Magneto's Brotherhood would make a dynamic inclusion in the MCU's mutant movie.
Magneto's original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants debuted X-Men #4 in 1964. The original line-up included Toad, Mastermind, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. Several other notable villainous mutants later join Magneto's team. There have been numerous subsequent renditions of the Brotherhood, most notably the incarnation led by Mystique - which included some of the organization's most well-known members. While there are some confirmed mutants in the MCU, Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants provides a string of compelling villains perfect for adaption in the MCU's X-Men saga.
Related Marvel's First X-Men Project's Rotten Tomatoes Score Is A Great Sign For The MCU's Mutant Movie Marvel’s X-Men ’97 boasts an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score, outperforming other X-Men projects and proving Marvel’s X-Men movie will be a triumph. 10 Giancarlo Esposito As Magneto The Infamous Leader Of The Brotherhood Of Mutants Close Giancarlo Esposito would make the perfect Magneto to lead the Brotherhood of Mutants in the MCU’s X-Men project. With a career spanning decades, Esposito has showcased remarkable versatility, but it's his chilling portrayals in series like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and The Mandalorian that truly demonstrate his prowess as a villain. His ability to exude a sense of cold, calculated menace makes him a natural fit for Magneto's brooding and reserved demeanor.
Esposito's commanding presence and suave sophistication make him the perfect choice for Magneto in the MCU, effortlessly blending sophistication with foreboding. His track record of delivering nuanced performances makes him a popular choice among fans and critics alike to tackle the role of the infamous mutant villain. With Esposito at the helm, Magneto would undoubtedly be portrayed with the perfect balance of elegance and malevolence.
Related Magneto's 10 Most Impressive Displays Of Power Across His 8 X-Men Movie Appearances Magneto has flaunted his immense mutant powers across numerous X-Men movies, often demonstrating his incredible powers in Fox’s Marvel movies. 9 Alfie Allen As Toad The Infamous Amphibious Mutant Close Alfie Allen would be the ideal choice to play the Brotherhood of Mutants’ Toad in the MCU’s X-Men. With his distinctive features and a knack for portraying complex and dark characters, Allen is a natural fit for the role. His memorable portrayal of Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones showcased his ability to delve into the depths of morally ambiguous characters, infusing them with layers of complexity and vulnerability.
Additionally, Allen’s recent role in Night Teeth further solidified his versatility in bringing darker characters to life. As Toad, Allen could bring a new depth to the character, exploring his inner turmoil and complexities while embracing his amphibious nature. With Allen's talent and dedication, Toad could become a standout character in the MCU’s X-Men universe, offering a fresh and compelling take on the iconic mutant villain.
8 Sam Claflin As Quicksilver The Villainous Mutant Speedster Close Sam Claflin embodies the ideal candidate to portray the Brotherhood’s Quicksilver in the MCU's X-Men project. Claflin’s chiseled facial features strikingly mirror the character's depiction in the comics, especially during his tenure with Magneto's Brotherhood. Moreover, Claflin’s history playing heroic characters in Pirates of the Caribbean and The Hunger Games has primed Claflin to explore Quicksilver’s conflicted villainous status.
Like his sister Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver left his nefarious past behind shortly after Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants disbanded, at which point the siblings quickly joined the Avengers. Claflin’s previous heroic roles make him perfect for exploring Quicksilver’s turmoil as a villain, navigating the fine line between antagonism and redemption with nuance. Claflin's on-screen charisma and ability to convey depth make him a compelling choice to bring Quicksilver's evolution to life, showcasing the character's growth from troubled beginnings to a beacon of heroism in the MCU’s X-Men project.
7 Natasia Demetriou As Scarlet Witch The Famed Chaos Magician Close Natasia Demetriou as Wanda Maximoff (AKA the Scarlet Witch) in an X-Men movie would be absolutely captivating. Demetriou's role in What We Do in the Shadows demonstrates her talent for portraying sinister Eastern European characters, albeit in a comedic context. However, this versatility hints at Demetriou's ability to infuse Scarlet Witch with a darker edge and complexity, further exploring the intricacies of her established MCU characterization.
Related Scarlet Witch Didn't Actually Die & How She Can Return In The MCU According To Genius Marvel Theory A new MCU theory suggests that the Scarlet Witch didn't actually die in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so she could return very soon. While Elizabeth Olsen has brilliantly embodied Scarlet Witch in the MCU, the character’s role as a member of Magneto's Brotherhood opens the door for a fresh interpretation of the character. Demetriou's idiosyncratic style and captivating presence make her an ideal candidate to bring Scarlet Witch to life in a new X-Men movie. With her talent, Demetriou could deliver a portrayal that is both hauntingly powerful and emotionally resonant, solidifying Scarlet Witch as a force to be reckoned with in the mutant universe.
6 Walton Goggins As Mastermind The Formidable Telepathic Illusionist Close Walton Goggins embodies the quintessential Mastermind for the MCU's Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants in an X-Men movie. His distinctive appearance lends itself perfectly to the role, reflecting the calculating and manipulative villain’s appearance in X-Men comics. Goggins' extensive experience as a character actor, particularly in science fiction and fantasy genres, showcases his ability to deliver compelling performances within such narratives.
Goggins has previously appeared in the MCU as Sonny Burch, a minor villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp. However, this could provide a seamless opportunity to connect the MCU’s main universe with the MCU’s mutant universe. The MCU's X-Men could reveal that Burch is a variant of Mastermind, potentially weaving his actions into a larger scheme connected in some way to the Brotherhood of Mutants. Goggins' versatility as an actor allows him to embody Mastermind’s cunning and sinister personality, bringing an insidious complexity to the character.
5 Drew Powell As Blob Blob Joined The Brotherhood Of Mutants In X-Men #7 Close Drew Powell would excel as the Brotherhood of Mutants’ Blob in the MCU’s X-Men movie. His imposingly large physique and commanding presence make him a natural fit for the mutant known for his immovability. Powell's portrayal of both Butch Gilzean and Solomon Grundy in Gotham showcased his versatility in bringing sizable comic book characters to life, demonstrating his ability to inhabit such roles with authenticity.
Blob joined and left Magneto's Brotherhood in X-Men #7 but officially rejoined in Amazing Adventures #12. Blob also remained a long-standing member of the Brotherhood during Mystique's leadership.
With Powell’s experience of portraying characters with complex personalities and physicality, Powell would bring a unique dimension to Blob, exploring the character's inner struggles and outer strength. His dedication to character development and commitment to his roles would ensure that Blob is portrayed with nuance and legitimacy, making him a compelling addition to an X-Men movie. With his substantial stature and flare for villainy, Drew Powell would make for a thrilling Blob.
4 Mark Strong As The Vanisher The Vanisher Joined The Brotherhood Of Mutants In The Champions #17 Close Mark Strong's portrayal of the Brotherhood of Mutants’ Vanisher in an MCU X-Men movie would be exceptional. Strong's distinct appearance closely mirrors the comic book character, with his chiseled features and intense gaze capturing the essence of Vanisher's enigmatic persona. With a wealth of experience in action movies like Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service, Strong possesses the physicality and presence to bring Vanisher to life on the big screen.
Strong’s ability to command attention in high-octane scenes and convey depth in complex characters makes him an ideal choice for X-Men's Vanisher in the MCU. Strong's performance would imbue Vanisher with a sense of mystery and intrigue, while his action movie expertise ensures electrifying sequences that showcase the character's teleportation abilities. With Strong in the role, Vanisher would emerge as a compelling addition to the MCU’s X-Men franchise.
3 Diego Calva As Unus The Untouchable Unus The Untouchable Joined The Brotherhood In Amazing Adventures #12 Close Diego Calva would be a compelling choice to portray Unus, the Untouchable in the MCU’s X-Men project. Unus is a lesser-known yet intriguing member of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants - a mutant with the ability to generate a force field that makes him invulnerable. Diego Calva's striking appearance, coupled with his compelling acting chops, would make him ideal for the role. As Unus, Calva could bring a captivating presence to the character, exploring his conflicted identity as a mutant villain.
Unus, the Untouchable was originally introduced as a villainous mutant in 1964's X-Men (vol. 1) # 8 but didn’t join the Brotherhood until later in Amazing Adventures #12 (Vol. 2) #12 in 1972.
Calva’s acting talent was adeptly showcased in his Golden Globe-nominated performance in Babylon. Meanwhile, his role in Bird Box: Barcelona demonstrated his ability to command the screen with intensity. With his charm and acting prowess, Calva has the potential to neatly embody the first depiction of Unus, the Untouchable, outside the comics and make him a standout addition to the MCU’s X-Men.
2 Devon Aoki As Lorelei Lorelei Joined The Brotherhood In The Defenders #15 Close Devon Aoki would make a captivating Lorelei in an MCU X-Men movie that featured Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants. Lorelei was a Savage Land native who Magneto bestowed with the mutant ability to hypnotize people by singing. Her character requires an actress who can exude both mystery and power, which Aoki has previously proved very capable of delivering. Aoki's performance in Sin City highlights her prowess in action-oriented roles, showcasing her ability to command the screen with intensity and grace while maintaining a mysterious presence.
2:24 Related 10 Superpowers Magneto Still Hasn't Used After 8 X-Men Movie Appearances Magneto has displayed some impressive powers throughout his many X-Men movie appearances, however, some abilities have been conspicuously absent. Aoki also featured in the Fast & Furious franchise, demonstrating her versatility within the action genre. Aoki’s distinctive appearance would also perfectly complement Lorelei's hypnotic abilities, drawing audiences and foes in with her bewitching presence. With her talent and allure, Aoki would seamlessly embody the complexities of Lorelei, adding depth and intrigue to the MCU’s X-Men.
1 Anthony Carrigan As Alpha, The Ultimate Mutant Alpha, The Ultimate Mutant Joined The Brotherhood In The Defenders #15 Close Anthony Carrigan would be a perfect fit for the role of Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant in the MCU’s X-Men movie. With his unique and remarkable appearance, Carrigan's presence would be captivating as Alpha, a being created by Magneto in a bid to fashion the ultimate mutant. Alpha’s tenure in the Brotherhood of Mutants was very brief, but he was an incredibly consequential character.
Alpha's evolution to a state beyond even homo superior, becoming an otherworldly humanoid with boundless power, requires an actor who can convey both otherness and immense power, traits Carrigan effortlessly embodies. Carrigan’s experience portraying villains in series like Gotham and Barry demonstrates his ability to portray compelling antagonists very adeptly. Carrigan's versatility would allow him to navigate Alpha's journey from creation to transcendence, bringing nuance and gravitas to Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant, becoming a captivating addition to the MCU’s X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.


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