Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 3 Gets Hopeful Update from Producers (Exclusive)

Steve Loter and Rodney Clouden, the producers behind Disney’s animated series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur just revealed that they have plans for a Season 3 if the show is renewed.
Based on the Marvel Comics characters of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, this series is surprisingly popular amongst fans and critics. In fact, not only did its first season get eight Emmy Nominations, but it also took home five wins.
As of now, a third season is not yet confirmed. The good news, however, is that Season 2 is now officially out for public viewing.
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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Producers Planning Season 3 MarvelWhile speaking exclusively with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur executive producers Steve Loter and Rodney Clouden discussed creating the hit show and if a Season 3 is in the cards.
The topic of a new season first came up after the duo was asked what they’d tell people who have yet to watch the show to try and convince them to give Moon Girl a chance.
Longer was quick to point out that for those who love Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, this show is definitely "cut from the same cloth:"
"Well, I may be biased, but I think it"s a great show. I think that what we"ve done is we"ve kind of taken our love of Marvel, taken a Disney storytelling approach, and really kind of combined them into something that is unique not only for Disney"s catalog but even for Marvel"s catalog. It"s so strong in music and so strong in visuals that if you enjoyed "Spider-Verse", I feel like give "Moon Girl" a chance because I feel like it"s cut from the same cloth."
Loter then went on to explain that not only does he feel Season 2 is the "Empire Strikes Back of the Moon Girl story," but that they "already kind of planned out a Season 3:"
"And I just really feel it, particularly this season, is so dynamic. It"s the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ of the "Moon Girl" story, frankly. But yeah, I"m just hoping people watch it because we definitely have more stories to tell. We already kind of planned out a Season 3, and we really would like to tell it. But yeah, so we"re just hoping that everyone kind of joins us for this crazy ride."
MarvelWhile fans have their fingers crossed for more seasons of the show, many can"t help but wonder if the character will ever be adapted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Clouden admitted he "would love to see" what "they would do with Lunella in the MCU:"
"I would love to see what they would do with Lunella in the MCU. I think that we"ve set a pretty good example of, like, what we can do, what they can do with Lunella. But in terms of like a movie version, I, you know, I would love to see her hanging out with Shuri or Riri Williams, you know, working together on something that"s going to save the Earth or some Multiverse or somewhere, you know, something, so that"d be cool to see that."
Loter added how they "like to think of [the show] as MCU complementary" and the team loves to include references to both the films and comics:
"… And our show we like to think of as MCU complementary... We"re all big fans of the film, So we try to kind of throw in stuff here and there; references from the film, references from the comics. Even references from comics that Rodnye and I read in the "70s and "80s. So it"s all kind of thrown into the mix."
The producer went on to tease how "Season 2 has more Marvel references in it than Season 1:"
"But I will say that Season 2 has more Marvel references in it than Season 1. Season 1, we really kind of wanted Lunella Layfette to kind of stand on her own and her story to be her own. But with Season Two, now that we"re moving into different emotional territory for her, we feel very comfortable bringing in a lot more Marvel references. There"s definitely a couple of characters that [are a] really good surprise, even [for] the most dedicated Marvel fan this season. Yeah."
MarvelMarvel connections are great and all, but fans should also keep watching simply because of how fantastic Moon Girl’s animation looks.
As for how it’s able to look so high quality on a TV budget, Clouden exclaimed that “each episode is treated like a feature:”
"In terms of how we produce, it"s almost like we"re doing a feature like each episode is treated like a feature, we do like color scripts for the scenes of the show. So it"s like, you know, finding of the tone and the mood and the colors for each scene. So, really being very particular in how we staged things and how things are colored in like that. So each is like a mini-feature."
Loter added how, when creating the show, the two of them “really leaned into” where the two producers “came from:”
"But we also really leaned into a lot of where Rodney and I came from. They"re both from New York; we were both from a time period in New York, pre-gentrification, where art was kind of the dominant part of New York City. You had graffiti, you had murals, you had poetry readings in, you know, Tompkins Square Park and Washington Square. So it"s kind of the type of thing where we really wanted to capture a mood and a tone."
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What Might Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 3 Bring?Given Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’s form in animation, the creatives aren"t crunched for time—so the story could go for as long as they want it to.
Hopefully, if the show does continue for a bit, the storytellers will get a little more comfortable with the idea of Moon Girl crossing over with some fellow superheroes. There are endless interesting characters for her to meet and go on adventures with—Spider-Man, Captain America, Riri Williams, Luke Cage, the list goes on.
It would be neat to see the story properly introduce Lunella’s Inhuman heritage, potentially forcing her path to cross with the Royal Inhuman Family. While the show has avoided that lore, for now, it hasn"t completely written it out, either.
Hopefully, no matter what direction the show goes in with future seasons, they’ll keep Laurence Fishburne’s Beyonder around. Not only is he just fantastic in the show and with Lunella Lafayette, but maybe fans can get another hit song with the cosmic superstar.
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 2 is now streaming in full on Disney+.


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